Georgian U18 side's win over Italy's U18


The Georgian National U18 side held their second match at the Elite Division of FIRA-AER U18 European Championship (Justin Bridou Trophy) on 26th of March, 2013 against Italy’s U18 team, which Georgian side won with the score of 17 over 12. It has to be mentioned that last year, our U 18 boys had already won over Italy at the same championship Division.  This secured victory qualified Georgia for the minor final (for 5th place in the Elite Division), where they shall face Welsh U18 side. The Welsh U18 side qualified to the final by securing their victory day before against Portugal (45 to 0). The Minor final will take place in the city of Sassange (10 minutes away from Grenoble, France) on the March 30th, 2013. The Kick off is at 12:00 (15:00 Georgian time). 


As per words of  Ilia Maisuradze – head coach of U 18 Georgia: “Although we have won, it was a very difficult game for us. We had problems with the ball possession and keeping it in our disposal, and also had several knock ons as well. As for the defense, I would like to say that we have had much less errors in that aspect, and the first Italian try was scored only by means of loosing individual tackle from our side. It has to be mentioned that boys have used the maximum of their physical power at the game against Ireland and therefore it was difficult for them to go through the full physical and mental rehabilitation. I want to stress that never the less, the boys managed to concentrate remaining physical power available, they did not even think of retreating and therefore have won the game. I am very proud of my boys and as a coach I am fully satisfied!

We are playing against Wales in next, minor final match, which is the most important for us. We will go through the Wales vs Portugal game and will work on improvement of errors and ball possession. I am absolutely sure that boys will manage to concentrate their power, analyze their mistakes and will face the opposition armed with the confidence to play their last game at championship more freely and delightfully.”

George NIjaradze, the president of Georgian Rugby Union quoted after the game: It has to be admitted that there were lots of errors in play, although we defended our selves better than we did against Ireland, but it was not flawless. We had difficulties with the ball possession, and knocked it on several times as well. This was probably caused by the fact that the Junior Lelos have spent their full force in match against Ireland and were unable to rehabilitate fully their physical or mental resources.

Despite all, I want to assure you that the victory is a very sweet feeling and nothing can compare with it. We have won the game and defeated Italy second time in a row in consecutive championship. Commendably to our boys I want to state that they as always have shown an amazing force, kept defending themselves and dominated at the field. I am sure that if there were fewer errors, we would have won with the bigger margin.  It has to be mentioned that everybody unanimously appreciates the progress of our boys!

Now, boys should have a good rest and mentally set their minds on game against Wales!”

The Head couch and the manager of the Georgian National Academy of Rugby – Don Caskie said: “We all are incredibly happy of this victory, but nevertheless, we need to work had as there are lots of thing to be improved. I would say, that so far this was the less spectacular game among those we played, which we needed to win! 

Boys have fought hard and as always showed the character and huge physicality.

As for the game against Wales, I want to state that players are moderately confident, and I am sure that we will face the opposition with the full force in case if boys will improve their play errors. I think that there is no opposition in this division that we should be afraid off. One has to appreciate the strength of an opposite side and not be afraid of it. “

The other matches of the Elite Division will also be held on March 30, – The hosts of the tournament, French side will face England’s U18 team in their major final game. Ireland will face Scotland to fight for the 3rd place in a division. Italy will play against Portugal to occupy the 7th place of the division.



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