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On 11-12 of May, 2013 Georgia’s U15 side participated in the second tournament of their European Tour. The International Junior Rugby Festival - Alouverture is held once in every two years in Vienne, France. U15 and U17 International, rugby academy’s and regional collective teams take participation in the tournament. 



Junior Lelos were set in Pool 1. At the first day of the tournament they played their pool matches. They won against Vienne team 47 to 0. At their second match Lelos won over team from Belgian city of Liege, scoring 70 points to nothing. The final game of the day one - Junior Lelos held their match against the second collective side of the host region and won with the score of 40 points to 0 and qualified for the next stage.




Inspired with the day one victories, U15 Lelos played against the team of Connecticut State and won by scoring 41 point to nothing, which qualified them for the semifinals.



There was a semifinal match ahead against the first selection team of the host region Rhodes. The match venue, central stadium, was full of supporters. As expected, the match appeared to be full of tension and was interesting. Both teams were just scoring point one after another. The hosts were the first to score a converted try. Lelos replayed them with try quite soon, but failed to convert one.   Thus score of 7 to 5 was established. Later the both teams exchanged single tries without the conversions and the game finished 12-10.



In the match for the place three, U15 Georgia had a fixture against team of rugby academy Avezano from Italy. Georgia’s U15 side have won the game as the y scored 41 point to nothing.



Therefore the Teenage Lelos finished the tournament at the third place. At the official post-match function, the organizers have underlined the vast progress the Georgian age groups are expressing lately.



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