Georgian - South African UGrade matches


A month ahead of November International Series Tbilisi and Kutaisi will showcase U-Grade international rugby. U14 and U16 rugby sides of South African sports club AVS have arrived to Tbilisi, where they will play against Georgia and West Georgia U15 /U17 representative sides during their Georgian Tour.

Match Schedule

The first match day to be hosted by Shevardeni Facility on Friday, October the 3rd, will feature the following matches: 


16.30 hrs  Georgia U15 vs AVS U14 (2 x 30 minutes)

18.00 hrs East Georgia U17 vs AVS U16  (2 x 35 minutes)

On Monday, October the 6th, AVS boys will travel to Western Georgian city of Kutaisi for the second leg of their tour:

(RC AIA Kutaisi Base)

16.30 hrs West Georgia U15 vs AVS U14 (2 x 30 minutes)

18.00  hrs West Georgia U17 vs AVS U 16  (2 x 35 minutes)

For the third leg of the Georgian tour on October the 10th, AVS juniors will travel back to Tbilisi, where they will play against the Georgian U-grade sides at Shevardeni once again:


16.30 hrs  Georgia U15 vs AVS U14 (2 x 30 minutes)

18.00 hrs Georgia U17 vs AVS U16  (2 x 35 minutes)


Georgian time


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