The Lelos engage in RWC training camp week three


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Georgia in full force with RWC preparations launches week three of first home camp. Coaching staff, with Milton Haig in head and Calvin Morris in charge of S&C, have been taking the team in all areas of fitness and skills during the first two weeks of strength and conditioning oriented phase camp. Now with one week to go until team gets their first week off, coaches promise week three will be even more intense than previous two.

Photos from Georgia RWC training camo week 2 >>>

Milton Haig’s assessment of the camp so far

“We had tough, very tough, week one, which was tough for everybody, both for the players and staff. It was very long and tiring. It’s just a nature of such camps. Sometimes we are having the four sessions a day, with early starts and late finishes. Certainly the players adopted in week two very well and worked hard through it. Now the players are finishing sessions a lot better than last week.

“Certainly we are very pleased with progress and are going to the goal we have set to ourselves.  If you look at the numbers and stats the improvements are obvious. You look at their body language in the morning and can see that they are less tired and last longer now.  

Even More instance Week Three

“Week 3 is going to be even harder again. Part of players were strangling with the tasks as some were are carrying some long term injuries and some with fitness as they have not done much in previous six weeks, but this is acceptable margin. We can’t deny that everybody is trying and working very hard.

“There are some new elements carried out in preparation, like wrestling skills for instance - everybody likes our new sessions. It’s a new environment for boys and coaches. It gets people out of boots - they can do some contact work, get on the ground without getting hurt.  We’ve done some really good work, with tackle technique during the contact sessions.

“Fitness obviously helps players think clearly and improve their skills. If they aren’t tired or exhausted, it helps them to get more chance to catch the ball. In this camp we play different games, traditional games, which help us to improve our skills.

By the End of Phase one

“We expect the same results and players to be really tired by the end of week three. It is still all about to get used to certain work load increasing it by little. In the beginning of the camp we set some bench mark and I am confident that by the end of week the boys will be there, there about where we want them to be.”


For the second phase of RWC preparations, The Lelos will travel to Poland, where coaching staff will continue fitness oriented sessions with added benefit: the use of special Cryonic chambers enabling players to come back to shape much faster, but before they will run a 9 days home camp at Shevardeni and then travel to Poland for 10 days after which Georgia side will come back home for another week off, before they head to UK on August 24 for the last stage of World Cup preparations.

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