Letter from Faraway Afghanistan



Yesterday, news about first class private Vasil Kuljanashvili of the 4th Georgian Infantry Brigade Btln 43, who was killed during a peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan, shocked whole Georgia.


The Georgian rugby family and The Lelos would like to pay their condolences to Vasil Kuljanishvili’s family. Our prayers are with him.


To support the ‘Boys’


Death of any Georgian servicemen is a tragedy for the whole nation, for their companions-in-arms, and especially for their families! In spite of this, Vasil Kuljanishvili’s brothers in arms braced themselves and sent a letter of Support  The Lelos:


We are writing this letter from the faraway Afghanistan. We do not really have rugby or anything cheerful on our minds now, as we just lost our hero brother yesterday at battlefield. Never the less, we are willing to send our word to The Lelos in the UK.


“Your victory on September 19 still makes us proud and happy! Though all of us feel heavy-hearted today, discussions about your upcoming clash still break out here and there: we all look forward to game against the Pumas and feel that your successful performance will at least temporarily relieve us from the load of our comrade’s death.


“And here goes our message: We fight with arms in hand on behalf of our motherland here in a war-zone, just as you fight with oval in your hands for Georgia. God Speed Brothers!”



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